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Monetization Comes to Twitter with” Super Follows ” Feature

Monetization Comes to Twitter with” Super Follows ” Feature
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Following the trend set by other social networks such as YouTube, Twitter has announced that they will implement the ‘Super Follows’ feature. With this tool, the most productive users (companies, celebrities or influencers) can ask money their subscribers for exclusive content.

By exploring opportunities for audience funding such as ‘Super Follows’, creators and the media can gain direct support from the audience and encourage them to continue creating content that the audience likes.

Users pay about $ 4.99 per month to access the unique content of the person they are following. However, the company did not specify what percentage of the subscriptions would go directly into the users’ pocket and how much it would cost them.

Of course, these subscriptions will also allow Twitter to absorb more revenue, as advertising revenue is far below those generated by Facebook and Google.

More news is coming on Twitter

‘Super Follows’ is not the only surprise for the social network, it has also launched ‘Twitter Spaces’, where users will participate in voice chats. Launched after private beta testing, Spaces offers the opportunity to talk in voice chat rooms just like Clubhouse.

The San Francisco-based company announced ‘Communities’, such as Facebook Groups, to create common interest groups. Another new feature is ‘Revue’, a service that allows you to publish free or paid newsletters to your audience.

In addition, Twitter is preparing ‘Safe Mode’, which allows users to automatically block accounts that violate network rules. For example, showing violent content or giving aggressive responses. The platform explained that the automatic blocking would last for seven days and then see interactions with the person again.

None of these features have been enabled on the platform yet, nor has a specific release date been given. Twitter has promised to release more information about ‘Super Follows’ and the rest of the new features in the coming months.

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