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31 Jul, 2021

How To Change My Name On Facebook

If you have realized that you have a wrong name on your Facebook account or simply if you just want to change your Facebook name you can learn it easily.…

14 Jul, 2021

How To Deactivate Facebook Account

You may want to disconnect from Facebook for different reasons. There are also two ways to do this: deleting the Facebook account and deactivating the Facebook account. The biggest difference…

13 Jul, 2021

How To Change Facebook Password

Facebook accounts that contain many of your personal data are among the social media sites targeted by hackers. By changing your Facebook password regularly, you can keep your account and…

9 Jul, 2021

How to Delete TikTok Account Permanently

It is so easy to find yourself captivated by online platforms such as TikTok. Nowadays we all seem to have too much time to kill on our hands. When you…

7 Jul, 2021

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Billions of people use Gmail and it’s one of the most popular email services, if not the most popular. However, you might be thinking that it is time to delete…

6 Jul, 2021

How To Delete Skype Account

In the past we were using MSN for communication on the computer and nobody couldn't find the same pleasure from the new platforms. If you tried Skype and didn't like…

5 Jul, 2021

How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From iPhone to Android?

While you may be happy to have a new phone, you may also be worried about how to transfer WhatsApp messages to your new phone. Because iPhone and android keep…

3 Jul, 2021

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android

Do you want to switch from iPhone to Android and not lose your data along the way? Nowadays, you do not need to manually transfer many data such as photos,…

1 Jul, 2021

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone to Android?

You want to switch from your iPhone to an Android smartphone, but you don't know how to quickly and securely transfer photos from your current phone to your new device.…

30 Jun, 2021

How To Delete WeChat Account Permanently

WeChat is one of the most widely used instant messaging app in the world but you may want to delete WeChat account for any reasons. Most of the people have…

22 Jun, 2021

How To Reset Forgotten Password On Facebook

If you have not been using Facebook account for a long time or if you are using browser saved passwords while loggining in Facebook you can easily forget your password.…

16 Jun, 2021

How to Add Twitter Feed to Website for Free

One of the most popular platforms, Twitter, is used by 380 million users, mainly to follow events worldwide. Why embed Twitter feed to the site? Twitter, since it is one…

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