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About Us


As click Deleteme, we aim to share the short and simple answers you are looking for on the web about social media and digital world. We write all articles to help people with an  easiest way.

Why click DeleteME?

Sometimes you search something on the internet but the thing you find is too complex and too long. Generally you can’t even find your answer in the article. But in our website all articles have rich context but not empty words. You can find exactly your answer with the support of image narration. We respect our readers and we are of importance of your time. You don’t need to search an answer in a answer article.


We work with Google as a partner for advertisement. We don’t have direct control over the ads. If you see any undesirable advertisement you can follow the instructions .

What do we do more for you?

We try to explain everything in our content but sometimes showing the solutions or anything with video can be easy to understand for anyone. If you don’t understand the steps in the article or maybe you just don’t want to read the article you can watch the videos about the content. In that way you can easily figure out the steps or what we are talking about.